Discover home-based remedies for Dandruff Relief

Dandruff are white or yellowish flakes of dead skin that are seen on scalp accompanied by itchiness and irritation. In winter the dandruff condition become more common. some of the factors that promote dandruff are Dry skin, not cleaning the scalp continously, senstivity to hair care products and presence of yeast like fungus called Malassezia.

In the winter months, when the scalp becomes excessively dry, it leads to the formation of dead, dry, and flaky skin that sheds as dandruff. Sometimes improper cleansing of the scalp also invites dandruff conditions and the accumulation of dead skin cells and oils, which, as a nutritional source for Malassezia yeast, cause irritability and dandruff. Malassezia yeast feeds on natural oils produced by hair follicles and further causes irritation. One more factor is sensitivity to hair care products, such as sulfates-containing shampoos, alcohol-based hair care products, and hair styling products like gels, waxes, and sprays, which also contribute to rough and dry skin.

So in this article, we will dive into home-based natural remedies for dandruff.

Coconut oil

coconut oil serve as a all-purpose remedy for dandruff. Its antifungal properties, Moisturizing effects, prevention of scalp infections and promotion of hair health. coconut oil contains fatty acids like lauric acid, capric acid and caprylic acid which produces antifungal effects and helps to combatt yeast like fungus called malassezia. cocnut oil penetrates hair shaft and helps to restore moisture and prevents dryness in winter season thus it be used as an excellent moisturizer.

Massaging the scalp with coconut oil improves blood circulation and provides a calming effect. It also helps in maintaining the pH of the scalp, as the pH range of cocnut oil is between 4 and 7, and it also balances with the pH of the skin, which is 4.7 to 5.7, thus supporting the scalp’s natural equilibrium.

Aloe Vera

Aloe vera is a plant with fleshy leaves; it is widely recognized for its medicinal properties. Aloe vera has a natural moisturizing effect that reduces itchiness related to dandruff and also hydrates the scalp. It also has anti-inflammatory properties, which calm the redness and inflammatory responses. The antifungal and antibacterial properties help to deal with microorganisms that contribute to dandruff.

Aloe vera is rich in nutrients such as vitamin E and A, which have antioxidant properties and prevent the shedding of skin flakes. It also contains minerals like zinc, which regulates sebum production; salicylic acid, which removes dead cells from the scalp; and excess sebum, thus making it a complete package for dealing with dandruff.

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Onion Juice

Onion juice is well known for its sulfur-containing compounds like allicin, which produce anti-fungal properties and control the growth of malassezia. Massaging the scalp with ointment juice can improve the blood flow, which supplies nutrients and nourishes the scalp. it also contain potassium which maintain electrolyte balance of scalp cells which ensures proper hydration.

Onion juice also contains a compound called quercetin, a flavonoid that is anti-inflammatory in nature and deals with scalp itchiness. The presence of folate (vitamin B9) also plays a crucial role in the growth and maintenance of healthy hair.

Yogurt and Honey

Yogurt is rich in probiotics, which help in the inhibition of the growth of malassezia. Yogurt contains lactic acid, which creates a less favorable environment for dandruff. It also provides moisture to the scalp and prevents itchiness. and it is easy to apply.

On the other hand, honey contains antimicrobial compounds such as hydrogen peroxide, which inhibit the growth of microorganisms. It also retains moisture and prevents dryness of the scalp. Honey is slightly acidic in nature, and its application creates a less favourable environment for the scalp.

Lemon Juice

Lemon juice is acidic due to its citric acid content, which maintains the acidic nature of the scalp, and the presence of ascorbic acid, which acts as an antioxidant. Citric acid helps in exfoliating the scalp and removes dead skin cells, whereas ascorbic acid fights fungal growth associated with dandruff.

Lemon juice also contains flavonoids and phytonutrients, which act as antioxidants. The antural astringent effect of lemon juice helps in cleansing and tightening pores. Lemon peels contain compounds like alpha-pinene and limonene, which prevent microbial growth on the scalp.

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